This landing page details how to download the imaging data associated with an experiment performed at The Plant Accelerator (TPA), Australian Plant Phenomimcs Facility.

The data is available at https://data.pawsey.org.au/download/APPF/public_experiments/0189_PH_UA_ACPFG_Garcia_Wheat.tar. It is a tarball. The file is 174.52GB. Once downloaded, it can be unarchived using the command: tar -xf 0189_PH_UA_ACPFG_Garcia_Wheat.tar on Linux and Mac systems or using a tool like 7zip on Windows.

Inside the archive is a series of directories with names like: [measurement_label]_[id_tag]_[time_stamp]_[blob_id]


Each directory contains one snapshot (where a snapshot is understood as one plant through the imaging system one time), then each snapshot directory contains a directory for each camera and that directory contains a single PNG image.

For further information, please Contact TPA